10. Annual Meeting of the Austrian Ceramic Society

This is an invitation for the Workshop “Ceramics in Austria” and the 10th General Assembly of the Austrian Ceramic Society, which will take place

on June 10. 2022, (expected duration from 10:00 am to bis 04:00 pm),

in the TUtheSKY of Technische Universität Wien

After the long period of distancing and virtual communication, we are particularly looking forward to welcoming you personally and offering space and time for informal exchange. For the workshop "Ceramics in Austria" we invite our members from universities and industry to present their research topics and innovations. We will distribute the final program by the end of May.

Furthermore, we would like to award prizes for outstanding dissertations and diploma theses as well as for the best publications published since 2020. We ask for suggestions from supervisors (theses) and authors (publications) with a short explanatory statement. The submission deadline is May 20, 2022. A jury consisting of full members and representatives of company members of the Austrian Ceramic Society will evaluate and rank the dissertations and diploma theses. The submitted publications will be evaluated by international reviewers. The participation at the workshop and the general meeting is free for members of the Austrian Ceramic Society and for representatives of company members. From non-members we are taking the liberty to collect a participation fee of 50.- Euro (20.- Euro for students).

The agenda of the general meeting comprises
* Report of the Chairman and the Cashier
* Auditors´ Report
* Approval of the Actions of the Board and the Auditors
* Election of the Board
* Appointment of the Auditors
* Miscellaneous

For organization reasons we would appreciate, if you could confirm your participation as soon as possible. Proposals regarding the agenda and nominations for the board can be submitted in writing (by post or email to the board) up to three days before the general meeting.

With best regards,

Marco Deluca
On behalf of the Board of the Austrian Ceramic Society